Episode 4: Chris Jane – Montana Mex

“At certain times, you start to think… why am I doing this?

Chris Jane

Co-Founder & CEO of Montana Mex

Montana Mex makes “delicious, happy food to help you eat well and stay smiling!” And it’s awesome. But it wasn’t easy having to throw away pallets of product due to a packaging mishap, or coping with a bizarre accident that cost Chef and Co-Founder Eduardo Garcia his left arm – and nearly his life. Despite all of this, they’re still amazingly on track to expand into stores coast-to-coast this summer.

I also share more insights from the perspective of starting the podcast. So stick around at the end if you’re curious about how I created the artwork, what it was like conducting the first virtual interview on Skype, or the procedural aspects of getting a show on iTunes.

Chris was a fantastic guest and I really hope you enjoy his story!

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