Episode 1: Giffin Daughtridge – UrSure

The first episode has arrived! I really hope you enjoy it.

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Giffin Daughtridge

Co-Founder & CEO of UrSure

Giffin and his team have developed a test that tells doctors whether their patients have been taking the drug PrEP, which is 99% effective at preventing HIV. Winner of the 2016 Harvard Business School New Venture Competition, Giffin is pursuing an MD/MPA with the University of Pennsylvania and the Harvard Kennedy School.

In this episode I also begin to expose my personal journey starting this podcast. I share the first thing I did to see if people wanted to listen to a show like this, why I bought $15 of Facebook ads, some technical mistakes I made for this first recording, and I reflect on how I hope to improve as an interviewer (not easy!).