Ever wonder what it’s really like to start a company? Not the success headlines, but the tension, fear, frustration, and reality behind it all?


What do founders struggle with?


What big mistakes did they make?


what are they most afraid of?


Hear what it’s really like to start a company, completely unfiltered from the founders of early-stage startups.


My name is Chris Hutchens, and I want to help people understand that starting a business is not as intimidating as so many make it out to be. The people that create these startups – even the enormously successful ones – are just like you and me. And I believe that too many would-be entrepreneurs stop short of taking the leap because they’re intimidated by the unknown process and scary future. I have certainly been there. And nobody is immune to these emotions. I hope to convince people of that through sharing the surprisingly relatable stories of founders who have taken that leap to start a company, exposing their fears, mistakes, and vulnerabilities. If as a result more people take a chance to build something great, I’ll consider this project a success. Don’t miss your chance to play on the site raging rhino demo. You will be satisfied!

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Too often people think “I’m not good enough to do this” or “I need to have the perfect idea.” None of that’s true.
— Pat Pettiti, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Catalant
I’d never taken a finance class before. I’d never taken a marketing class. I knew nothing.
— Giffin Daughtridge, Co-Founder & CEO of UrSure
Press coverage is typically focused on success. And not everybody is Mark Zuckerberg.
— Jay Greenberg, Co-Founder & CEO of LexShares
Almost every VC firm in the world told us this idea was stupid.
— Pat Pettiti, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Catalant
I thought people who started companies had to be brilliant geniuses. We are proof that’s not the case.
— Pat Pettiti, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Catalant
A startup is not a company. It’s an experiment.
— Eran Orr, Founder & CEO of VRPhysio