Episode 6: Connor Wilson – Thursday Boot Company

“There are a lot of dark nights of the soul, where you don’t have the answer and don’t feel good about what you have to do the next day.


Connor Wilson

Co-Founder & COO of Thursday Boot Company

Connor and his co-founder Nolan Walsh were frustrated by an absence of fashionable, high-quality boots that sold at honest prices. So what did they do? They figured out how to make the perfect boot, raised some money, and built a business that has now been featured in Men’s Health and Esquire. Connor was a pleasure to speak with and to learn from. I hope you enjoy it. Go to our website and get $1 deposit mobile casino. Hurry up to go and start winning.

Episode 5: Jenny Amaraneni – SOLO Eyewear

“I literally went on Google and typed: How do you manufacture sunglasses?


Jenny Amaraneni

Co-Founder & CEO of SOLO Eyewear

Repurposing bamboo and recycled plastic to restore vision to over 13,000 people in 32 countries. That’s the power of what Jenny has built: SOLO Eyewear, a sunglasses manufacturer that uses 10% of its profits to fund eye care around the world. Time Magazine even named her one of the World’s Most Influential Change Agents. Hear first-hand the biggest challenges she faced starting the company.

At the end of this episode I discuss the anxiety of my launch, my failure of balancing time spent on the show with the rest of my life, and the value of reaching out to some of my listeners first hand. You know who you are!

Jenny has a really great story, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Episode 4: Chris Jane – Montana Mex

“At certain times, you start to think… why am I doing this?

Chris Jane

Co-Founder & CEO of Montana Mex

Montana Mex makes “delicious, happy food to help you eat well and stay smiling!” And it’s awesome. But it wasn’t easy having to throw away pallets of product due to a packaging mishap, or coping with a bizarre accident that cost Chef and Co-Founder Eduardo Garcia his left arm – and nearly his life. Despite all of this, they’re still amazingly on track to expand into stores coast-to-coast this summer.

I also share more insights from the perspective of starting the podcast. So stick around at the end if you’re curious about how I created the artwork, what it was like conducting the first virtual interview on Skype, or the procedural aspects of getting a show on iTunes.

Chris was a fantastic guest and I really hope you enjoy his story!

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Episode 3: Pat Petitti – Catalant Technologies

“Almost every VC firm in the world told us this idea was stupid.”

Pat Petitti

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Catalant Technologies

Pat and his co-founders were frustrated with consulting firms charging way too much for mediocre work. So they decided to connect people who need work done with the experts best suited for the job. Formally HourlyNerd, Catalant is now the go-to marketplace for both individuals and large firms like GE and Pfizer to hire the right people at prices that make sense. But they weren’t always so successful…

In this episode I also reveal a secret I’ve been keeping about the launch of the podcast, why and how I changed the name of the show just before launching, and I share my hypothesis about the impact of my recording equipment overhaul from Episode 2.

Enjoy! And please leave a review on iTunes.

Episode 2: Jay Greenberg – LexShares

“Press coverage is typically focusing on success, and not everybody is Mark Zuckerberg.”

Jay Greenberg

Co-Founder & CEO of LexShares

Jay started LexShares, a company that allows people to invest in lawsuits. That’s right, you can now put your money to work by funding legal claims – but you only get paid if your side wins. Jay was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2015, and before LexShares spent five years as an investment banker. But his success wasn’t overnight and it hasn’t been easy.

In this episode I also share my experience recording the very first introduction, I reveal exactly how I’ve approached founders to come on the show, and I dig into some psychological implications of the recording equipment I’ve been using – and how Jay helped me with this.

Enjoy… and please leave a review on iTunes!

Episode 1: Giffin Daughtridge – UrSure

The first episode has arrived! I really hope you enjoy it.

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Giffin Daughtridge

Co-Founder & CEO of UrSure

Giffin and his team have developed a test that tells doctors whether their patients have been taking the drug PrEP, which is 99% effective at preventing HIV. Winner of the 2016 Harvard Business School New Venture Competition, Giffin is pursuing an MD/MPA with the University of Pennsylvania and the Harvard Kennedy School.

In this episode I also begin to expose my personal journey starting this podcast. I share the first thing I did to see if people wanted to listen to a show like this, why I bought $15 of Facebook ads, some technical mistakes I made for this first recording, and I reflect on how I hope to improve as an interviewer (not easy!).